Conference hotels in Moscow – the Russian metropolis

Are you travelling to the Russian capital for your convention, trade fair, conference or seminar? Find ideal Conference hotels in Moscow. Simply select, compare and book in a few easy steps online. The metropolis in European Russia offers you the optimal setting and facilities for your event.

Your business trip to the global metropolis

With three international airports and numerous railway stations, you can reach the metropolis from almost any direction. Within the city, an excellent metro transit system lets you move around with ease. As you will see, the impressive design of the metro makes it a sight worth seeing in itself. Great accessibility and location are probably the most important criteria when looking for a conference hotel in Moscow. Another key aspect you will certainly want to pay attention to is infrastructure. Light and bright conference rooms, state-of-the-art technology, outstanding service standards and optimal connections to the airport and train stations are naturally a given.

Leadership Speaker for your Conference in Moscow

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Explore Moscow

Do have some time set aside to explore the city? Because Moscow is much more than the political, economic and scientific hub of this huge country. From a cultural point of view, the city offers a great range of events, museums, theatres, churches, landmarks and sights with a correspondingly wide choice of activities to accompany your convention, conference or trade fair. For instance the Red Square, the Kremlin and the famous Bolshoi Theatre, which has been in existence since 1776. Did you know that more than 300 churches adorn the cityscape of this global metropolis? The most famous of them is arguably St. Basil's Cathedral, one of the city's most recognizable landmarks, on the Red Square.

Economy, High Tech und Business

Moscow is growing at a rapid pace. Major corporations in numerous industries are based here. The finance sector is also making a major contribution to economic expansion, accounting for approximately one quarter of state budget revenue. Moscow is investing heavily in its future, for instance with the ongoing construction of the Skolkovo innovation centre, a business area modelled on Silicon Valley. As a result, the metropolis on the River Moskva is increasingly gaining traction as an important digital and IT industry hub.

Out and about in the megacity – Conference hotels in Moscow

The conference hotels in Moscow are refined, luxurious and sophisticated. If you wish, that is. Of course, establishments for tighter budgets are also available. However, it is important to bear in mind that Moscow is the most expensive city in Europe and high-priced hotels in the majority.

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